24 Most Instagrammable Places in Manila

Instagrammable Places in Manila

Manila is a bustling city with hidden treasures that are waiting to be discovered, from its breathtaking architecture to its lively streets and art scenes. If you’re planning to go to Manila very soon, These are the most Instagrammable places to visit within Manila, Philippines.

You may be looking for historic sites with a charming atmosphere, charming restaurants, cosy hotels, modern hubs, artistic walls, beautiful streets or breathtaking landscapes; these are the top places to go in Manila.

Must-Visit Instagrammable Places in Manila

1) Bonifacio Global City Artsy Walls

Located in Bonifacio Global City, there is a newly established business hub that many consider to be the latest business district in Manila, second only to Makati. A visit to BGC is incomplete without observing the highly creative street artists. This area is a popular destination for younger generations and is known for being one of the most Instagram-worthy locations in Manila. If you explore the area, you’ll quickly discover why.

2) Puerta Real Gardens

The Puerta Real Gardens have become well-known for their role in the “Make Manila Dance Again” movement, which has sparked a renewed interest in cultural activities. The installation of lights throughout the garden has resulted in many memorable Instagram photos. Visitors can park their bikes either in front of the beautiful garden gates or amidst the lights for the most breathtaking pictures.

3) Escolta

Get a taste of Old Manila through Escolta’s streets. Many old buildings are reminiscent of the former most prestigious streets in Manila. One of the oldest structures along this avenue is the Regina Building, designed by an amalgamation of neoclassicism with beaux-arts. It was built in 1915.

4) Venice Grand Canal at McKinley Hill

Go up to McKinley Hill in Taguig, and you’ll discover this stunning canal based in Venice. This is a favourite spot for both tourists as well as residents. This is why it’s one of the most Instagram-worthy spots in the metropolis.

5) The National Museum of Natural History

The National Museum of Natural History is a renowned museum with a six-story structure and several galleries. Visitors can marvel at the impressive displays, including the skull of the legendary Philippines crocodile, Lolong. However, the museum’s highlight is the Tree of Life, a striking structure resembling DNA that acts as the tree’s trunk. The Tree of Life extends from the floor to the dome’s ceiling, creating a stunning canopy that visitors can’t help but photograph for Instagram.

6) Intramuros

Explore the famed city walled by Manila, Intramuros. The sights within Intramuros will transport you back into the time of the Spanish-Filipino empire. Many more photo opportunities are available. Inside the walled city, you’ll be able to spot a number of landmarks such as Manila Cathedral, Fort Santiago, Palacio del Gobernador, Baluarte de San Diego, Plaza San Luis Complex, and San Agustin Church.

7) Fort Santiago

Fort Santiago wins the top spot in the list of most Instagrammable spots on Manila Intramuros! The massive stone gate marking the entry point to this landmark from the Spanish era is a perfect location for your next Instagram moment. The most Instagrammable area is just behind the Museum of Jose Rizal, close to the Pasig River. The museum is situated on the outskirts of the canal that is fortified, and you can see the most striking contrast between the ancient and modern city on the other side.

8) La Catedral Cafe

It is located next to Manila Cathedral Church in Intramuros, which is a historical walled city located in Metro Manila. La Cathedral Cafe serves local coffee and enjoys a stunning view of Metro Manila. It takes you back to colonial times and includes wooden interiors reclaimed from wood to the capiz lanterns.

This cafe, inspired by the past, serves delicious drinks like the Hazelnut Cafe Latte, which is composed of milk, espresso, and hazelnut syrup. Dining here for lunch or dinner with drinks like Hazelnut Cafe Latte is also possible. Hazelnut Cafe Latte is composed of milk, espresso, and hazelnut syrup. You can also dine there for dinner or lunch. Take a bite of their delicious portions of rice or pasta meals, or sample one of their salads if you want to eat healthy.

9) Manila Baywalk

With its stunning sunsets and the LA-style promenade, getting a more stunning view (or photograph) is impossible. With palm trees in the background or the Ferris wheel that is local, it’s a perfect spot to spend some time lying on the beach enjoying ice cream, taking on rides, or just strolling around until the end of the night when the lights come on.

10) Rizal Park

Rizal Park is probably best recognised for its monument to the local legend Jose Rizal. The fact that two arm-in-arm guards are in place seems a little odd, considering that this place is included on our list of the top Instagram-worthy spots in Manila because it’s the perfect spot to play as a child again!

Famous for the stalls of Rizal Park, which sell everything a child could imagine, from balloons to kites, your ideal shot will be a riot of colour! Visit on the weekend or join an event at Rizal Park to enjoy an enthralling crowd and a great opportunity to make your next viral Instagram post.

11) Manila Central Post Office

One must go back in time to the past to grasp the current. The well-known Manila Central Post Office building is among the top Instagrammable places in Manila. Its neoclassical architecture is among the most famous styles that can be found in American architectural styles throughout the Philippines.

12) Yuchengco Museum

The Yuchengco Museum in RCBC Plaza can be a favourite of museum-goers, contemporary art enthusiasts, and tourists. It is a great spot for Instagram inside and out of the museum.

13) Okada Manila

Of course, we list the world’s largest multicoloured dancing fountain in our list of top Instagram-worthy spots in Manila. It is located in Paranaque’s Entertainment City in Paranaque, Okada Manila’s fountain is open to everyone for free.

The fountain is open every day from Monday to Sunday, but it is only accessible from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. At 8 p.m. every day, there is a presentation of the World of Wonders on the floating stage. Additionally, a beautiful light show with projection mapping is featured on Fridays and Sundays from 8:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

14) Desert Museum

Enjoy yourself by visiting The Desert Museum at S Maison, Coral Way, the Conrad Hotel Manila, and the Mall of Asia Complex. The attractions are as yummy as the treats.

15) SM Mall of Asia

The largest retail outlet in the Philippines, also referred to as MOA by some Filipinos, offers a variety of things, including shopping and plenty of places to practise your photography techniques.

16) The University of St. Thomas

Here are some facts about the University of St. Thomas: 

  • It’s one of the oldest universities in Asia. 
  • Jose Rizal, a national hero, studied there in 1877. 
  • The university has a beautiful historical structure with Renaissance architecture, which we admire.

17) Conrad Hotel Manila

A luxurious and elegant hotel situated in a striking contemporary structure that looks out over Manila Bay and is close to other popular tourist destinations in Manila. The hotel is situated close to Manila’s Mall of Asia, the largest mall in the nation.

18) Eastwood City

Quezon City is home to Eastwood City, which serves as a bustling area for both living and business. The city is a favourite among young tourists. The most popular location in Eastwood is known as the Walk of Fame Philippines, a tribute to The Hollywood Walk of Fame. There are also a lot of interesting backdrops around Eastwood.

19) EDSA

EDSA could be awash of vehicles, but that isn’t an excuse for the many people who want to capture great street photography. Develop your photography skills and talents.

20) Jones Bridge

Enjoy a bit of a European style when you visit the recently restored Jones Bridge near Binondo, Chinatown. Many people visit in the evening to watch the beautiful light show from the beautiful lamp posts.

21) Makati

Visit Makati, The centre of business and finance in the Philippines. You’ll find upscale shops, skyscrapers, bustling streets, and people. There are numerous locations that can be Instagrammable in cities too.

22) Ayala Triangle Gardens

Located at the centre of Manila, Ayala Triangle Gardens is a wonderful destination to visit. On a normal day, it’s a wonderful location to take an excursion and see the city’s vibrancy at night. From children playing or playing to people who are just enjoying a bit of time outside, it’s an ideal spot for Manileos to relax.

If you’re truly fortunate (or you’ve planned it properly), you might be able to see the light festival that begins at the beginning of November and continues until January. The park is adorned with lights, creating an enchanting experience; the bokeh effect is amazing. In reality, this is the most Instagrammable spot in Manila at the current time.

23) Paco Park and Cemetery

Paco Park is known for having the most adorable functioning chapel. It’s a beautiful backdrop, and an emerald pond mirrors the stunning scene. The park was originally planned to be a burial ground, but nowadays, it’s used to spend time with friends and family, as well as weddings. It’s possible that you may arrive to find someone already in the process of getting married.

Its “cemetery” itself isn’t eerie, not at all. The graves are buried within the walls, and the fountain is lit at night, transforming the entire setting.

24) Pagsanjan Falls

Pagsanjan Falls is an Instagram-worthy spot with a bamboo boat ride. Then, just prior to going straight through the waterfall, you’ll get some of the most stunning photographs! And after you’re finished, the magic continues. The light shining through the water creates the most gorgeous setting, and the aerated water is a stunning turquoise white you’ve never experienced before.

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24 Most Instagrammable Places in Manila
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