Cabo Weather in June: Discover Events and Things to Do

Cabo Weather in June

If you plan to travel to Cabo in June, you’re at the right spot.

In this blog, we’ll talk to you about Cabo weather in June, the events taking place in Cabo this month, as well as the many activities that you can participate in.

Cabo is one of our favourite places that have been visited in Mexico as well as the whole Baja Peninsula.

Cabo is a location that provides travellers with the ideal combination of adventure and relaxation. The town is situated in the southern part of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula; Cabo San Lucas offers a variety of activities suitable for all kinds of tourists.

An overview of the Cabo weather in June

The resort offers everything from luxury all-inclusive resorts to lively nightlife. Cabo is among the most sought-after beach destinations in Mexico and is in competition with Cancun.

Los Cabos International Airport and La Paz International Airport provide an easy connection for Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo -the two cities that comprise part of the Los Cabos area.

With a breathtaking desert landscape that is complemented by stunning beaches with world-class golf courses and an abundance of recreational opportunities like snorkelling, hiking and swimming with sea turtles, and whale watching, There’s something for anyone to enjoy in the paradise.

Now that you’ve gotten information about Cabo, it is time to share the most important information about Cabo’s weather during June. We will inform you of what to do, the events scheduled, and some useful tips and answer questions.

What’s the climate of Cabo during June?

The month of June is considered to be one of the most popular months to travel to this coveted Mexican destination. This is regarded as one of Cabo’s shoulder seasons as temperatures rise.

Tourism activity is down significantly, and it is a perfect opportunity to have a private holiday in Cabo.

With temperatures that reach the 80s to low 90s and an average minimum temperature of the 70s. It is a wonderful month to go on holiday and enjoy warm weather and good conditions before winter.

With the rising temperatures and humidity, the average relative humidity rises at this time, which makes it feel more uncomfortable than in prior months, but it’s still quite manageable for the majority of the time.

These warm waters give excellent opportunities to snorkel and scuba dive with warmer temperatures than in the earlier months.

The temperature in Cabo in June is a bit warmer

If you are planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas during the month of June, you should prepare for perfect weather and comfortable evening temperatures.

The average daytime temperature ranges between the upper 80s Fahrenheit (30 Celsius) to low 90s Fahrenheit (34 Celsius).

The high temperatures of the day can be quite hot. However, the nights are the perfect respite from the heat, as temperatures drop to an average of 71-77 degF (21.5-25degC).

Don’t worry because the average high temperature in June remains comfortably cool compared to the summer months.

Make sure to bring plenty of sunscreens when travelling towards Cabo in June. It’s the ideal time of year to take advantage of Cabo’s numerous outdoor activities without stressing about extreme heat, peak season price hikes, crowding, and rainy weather!

Precipitation in Cabo in June

Cabo San Lucas is one of the most gorgeous places to visit. The warm, sunny days and no rain make for the perfect setting for exploration and activities.

The ocean waters around the coast stay warm, making it perfect for snorkelling, swimming and other water activities.

An average of 0.11 inches of rainfall is a month of transition after the driest month in the calendar. It is also the beginning of hurricane season.

You don’t need to worry about tropical storms that might occur during this time.

The sky is cloudless throughout the month, and there’s not a drop of rain, particularly at the beginning of June. If it does rain, the downpour is likely to be short-lived before becoming a backdrop for more sunshine.

Sunshine in Cabo in June

There aren’t any cloudy days during the month, you will be able to take advantage of the sun’s rays throughout June.

The sunrise starts at 6:33 AM to 6:37 am towards the close of the month, and sunsets range from 8:01 pm to 8:08 PM; the days are 13 and an hour-long throughout the month.

Together with clear skies, they give you approximately 12 hours of sun each day. So make sure you have everything from lazy evenings at the beach and plenty of water sports to exploration and sightseeing on your list of things to do!

Sea temperature of the water

The average sea temperature increases in June, increasing from 72 degrees (22degC) within the previous month to 76degF (24.4degC) throughout the month.

Temperature is ideal for water-based activities such as swimming, snorkelling, or Scuba diving. Surfing is also a great activity during this time of year. Numerous professional surfers arrive in Cabo to enjoy the sport.

Sargassum Seaweed in Cabo in June

Cabo is a stunning beach town in Baja, California Sur, known for its beautiful sandy beaches as well as crystal-clear water.

For many tourists, the month of June is the best time to explore this gorgeous region of Mexico because of its pleasant temperatures, bright skies, and various outdoor pursuits.

The idea of the seaweed Sargassum ruining your holiday in Cabo is a real downer.

If you’re not aware of Sargassum seaweed, it’s an algae found on the shores during the summer seasons of the year and is a major issue on many Mexican beaches.

Fortunately, it’s good that the Pacific Ocean beaches are free of this seaweed, and you will not encounter Sargassum in Cabo at whatever time of the year you’re there!

Events in Cabo in June

Stars & Stripes Tournament

Stars & Stripes is one of the most prestigious fishing tournaments of the season that is held in Cabo. The event, which is a charity, takes place every year in June to raise funds to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Many anglers come to take part in the event to fish deep sea.

Fishing isn’t the only one of the main activities, so if it’s not your style, the tournament also features golf competitions and an event for music you can attend.

Fiesta de la Música

Every year, in San Jose’s Art District, Fiesta de la Musica is among the region’s largest music festivals.

The festival takes place across many countries around the globe on the 21st day of June. You can participate in it at no cost!

Things to Do in Cabo in June:

Check out the beaches

Cabo is home to one of the best beaches in the region, and June is the ideal condition to enjoy the beaches! Make sure you make the best use of this opportunity and plan water-based activities, or just relax on the sandy beach in the evening.

If you’re interested in an adventure, you could engage in exciting activities like jet skiing, kayaking, and paddle boarding. All while taking in the breathtaking landscapes these beaches offer.

Go for an adventure

Cabo is known for its breathtaking scenery, so what better method to appreciate it than to hike in its stunning mountains?

Additionally, Cabo weather in June is a comfortable temperature to hike and nearly no chance of rain.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hike through the Sierra de la Laguna for an unforgettable experience.

Mobula Rays can snorkel with you:

Cabo is home to a thriving marine ecosystem along its coastlines. In addition, Los Cabos weather in June and its chilly temperatures in the water is the ideal moment to dive with the amazing marine life there!

If you’re planning to snorkel, We strongly suggest doing the same in the company of Mobula Rays. Thousands of amazing creatures are swarming around; it’s an unforgettable experience.

Tips for Visiting Cabo in June

It’s not a particularly popular month in Cabo. However, it’s an off-season month, with little more tourism than the low-season. Make reservations early to avoid booking problems.

Discounts and sales are a great option to save money on your holiday in Cabo, and June is among the best months for low prices and bargains on everything. Do some research before booking your flights and lodging to get the best prices.

Bring light. Even at night, temperatures are quite warm in Cabo in June, so you don’t need any warm clothes other than an insulated sweater or jacket.

Pros of Visiting Cabo in June

  • The weather in June is wonderful. Although temperatures begin to rise, there is almost no cloud coverage throughout the month.
  • You can guess by the clear skies June is among the most dry seasons of all, usually without rain. This is a perfect summer getaway with plenty of fun and sun!
  • June is an ideal month to travel to Cabo for a relaxing holiday. It is the shoulder season, so you’ll be able to enjoy the pleasant weather and fewer people.
  • Additionally, June is a part of the season that begins shortly after the peak season has ended, spring breakers are over, Breakers have gone, and before rainy weather begins in Cabo, this is the ideal time for families to spend their holiday here.
  • In June, you can discover great deals during off-peak seasons and specials on everything from rooms and flights to tours, activities and tourist attractions.
  • With warmer temperatures in the water and swells that originate from the Southern Hemisphere, this month is thought to be among the most ideal times to surf in Cabo.
  • It is also one of the most ideal times to fish for sport, with species of fish like grouper, tuna, and snapper plentiful in the sea throughout the month.

Cons of Visiting Cabo in June

  • The rising temperatures in the summer months can bring hot, humid days that may be uncomfortable in the month of June. But, it’s nonetheless quite pleasant compared to the ones that are coming up.
  • The humidity levels also rise in June, making the air feel slightly too oppressive. However, it’s not a problem.
  • The month of June is not the right time to travel if you’re looking to observe whales or take a whale shark swim. The grey Whale season, as well as the whale shark season, ends in March. Humpback whales disappear in April or so.

FAQs: Cabo Weather in June

Is June the best month to visit Cabo?

Yes. June is a great time to visit Cabo, and it’s easy to understand why. Cabo weather is still pleasant.

The temperatures begin to rise, and the month is characterised by virtually no cloud coverage or rainy days all through the month.

Additionally, the cool nights and warm water temperatures make evenings in the town and water sports a blast.

The crowds and prices are more affordable this time of the season, making it the ideal time to take your holiday in Cabo without worrying about the cost.

Is Cabo wet in June?

Not at all. June comes right after the driest month in the calendar and provides similar weather conditions as well.

It’s still about a month before the rainy season begins to take full effect, which means Cabo weather is pleasant and dry during this time of the year.

The cloud cover is low, and it is rare to see rain in the month.

Is it hurricane season in June in Cabo?

The month of June is half a month before the official start of hurricane season in Cabo.

Additionally, the month offers sunny skies nearly every day, and hardly any rain is expected during the month.

This beautiful weather and the absence of crowds make June the ideal time to travel with the family and a budget summer getaway.

Is June a good month for a trip to Mexico?

Absolutely. It’s a great time to travel to Mexico for many reasons. It’s among the top times to enjoy a low-cost holiday that is largely uncrowded.

It is important to note that temperatures begin to rise in the month of July, which means you’ll experience slightly warmer and more humid days.

Should you go to Mexico in June or May?

May and June are excellent months to travel to Mexico, If you’re seeking an affordable holiday with fewer crowds.

But, generally speaking, it’s the driest month, with fewer wet days and a cooler average temperature.
So, if pleasant weather is what you are looking for, the month of May could be the best option for you.

However, if you are looking for the cheapest rates on hotel rooms and the most affordable prices on all things, June and the autumn/late summer months will be the perfect season to go for it.


A trip towards Cabo at the end of June is a fantastic method to cut costs from the high season rates and enjoy the pleasant conditions of the dry season.

It’s beginning to get warmer, and the sea’s temperature makes it more enjoyable to take part in watersports activities and tours.

Explore stunning travel destinations with Travel World, your guide to your next adventure in Cabo and beyond.

Cabo Weather in June: Discover Events and Things to Do
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