Travelling to Tulum in October: Know Weather, Events, and Things to Do

Tulum in October

The weather in Tulum in October is among the first things you think of when you visit this swanky town. The tropical climate makes Tulum an extremely popular tourist spot all year. The month of October is typically recognised as the season for hurricanes.
However, there is still hope. Even though it’s not the ideal time to visit Tulum, it has its advantages and doesn’t rain all the time.

This post will describe the advantages and disadvantages of visiting Tulum in October.

In case you need to be made aware of the basics of Tulum, We’ll provide you with an overview of the unique town of Tulum in Mexico before we move on to the autumn weather here.

Tulum is a trendy coastal town situated on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, and it is renowned for its stunning white sandy beaches. It also has cool luxury beach hotels, beautiful yoga spots, extravagant shopping, and arts and culture.

Tulum’s lush nature and rich history make it a sought-after tourist destination. It is home to stunning beaches, lush jungles, mysterious cenotes, and well-kept Maya ruins sites. Also, there’s plenty to do or explore in Tulum.

Tulum is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a relaxing beach holiday. These beaches in Tulum are among the most stunning in Mexico, and there are plenty of things to do that will keep you entertained.

Snorkelling and diving are very popular, as there are a variety of amazing divers and marine creatures to discover.

If you want to be in nature, go on a tour of historical ruins, swim in beautiful cenotes, revel in the lively nightlife, or savour delicious food, Tulum has all these to offer.

Tulum has something to provide whether you’re looking for thrills or just relaxation. In the meantime, let’s get down to the subject of this article. Let’s begin with a brief review of Tulum’s weather during October.

Tulum Weather in October: Quick Overview

The weather in Tulum in October isn’t bad for outdoor enthusiasts, either. The average temperature is 75–76 °F (24.5 degrees Celsius), with temperatures of 85°F (29.5 degrees Celsius) and lows as high as 67 °F (19.5 degrees Celsius).

It is likely to rain more in October, which means the chance of brief showers is greater. However,  the showers aren’t as long, which means your trip won’t be disrupted, and it’s also the time when the jungles and ruins are a great place to visit.

In this regard, October is the best time to look for bargains on the Tulum holiday. Numerous hotels and resorts have significant savings during the off-season.

Since the weather is still nice and warm, you’ll be able to take advantage of everything Tulum offers without having to contend with crowds.

What is the temperature in Tulum during the month of October?

The average temperature in Tulum during October is estimated to be 76°F (25° Celsius). The average high temperature is 85°F (29.5 degrees Celsius), and the lowest temperature is around 67 °F (19.5 degrees Celsius).

Although not as hot as the month before, the scorching heat remains high-humidity during this time of year, so it’s best to stay out of the sun for long periods.

When you’re in the open, take a sip of water and be shaded.

Precipitation in Tulum in October

The chance of rain decreases in Tulum in October. The chance of a rainy day reducing from 58 per cent to 37 per cent However, with average rainfall exceeding 6.5 inches (170mm of rain), October is the second-wettest month in Tulum.

This means that there will be more likelihood of rain on your trip this month, but the chances of rain are expected to decrease over the course of the month.

Sunshine in Tulum in October

While October is the second-most rainy month in Tulum, The rain showers tend to be brief, so there are plenty of sunny hours to take advantage of the many activities and attractions available here.

The length of the days diminishes as the month progresses, beginning from 12 hours of sun to 11,024 minutes of sunlight; however, the majority of rainy days fall during the first two weeks of the month. So there will be plenty of sunshine throughout the month of October.

The temperature of the sea

Because Tulum is home to one of the best beaches in Mexico and the best water temperatures, it is another thing you need to be aware of, particularly in the case of various water activities on your list of things to do.

At constant temperatures of 84 degrees (29 degrees Celsius) all through October (with an average variance of a mere 1 degree), The average temperature of the sea is at its highest during this time of the year.

Sargassum Seaweed In Tulum During October

The problem with Riviera Maya’s beaches, particularly Tulum, is too much sargassum seaweed. It is common for storms to appear on beaches from April until early October; however, it is most prominent from mid-August until mid-September.

Thankfully, there is hope. The Mexican government has been working to eliminate the seaweed sargassum and has put up barriers along the coastline, ensuring that you can still have an enjoyable holiday at the beach.

In addition, hotels and resorts close to beaches will also do their best to keep nearby beaches tidy to ensure their customers’ safety. Overall, it’s unlikely that seaweed will be an issue during October, and you’ll still be able to enjoy an unforgettable beach holiday.

The weather of Tulum in a nutshell

  • Tulum wet season: from June to November
  • Tulum’s coldest month is January. 
  • The month that is hottest in Tulum is May. 
  • Tulum’s high season Holy Week (Semana Santa) 
  • The driest month in Tulum is January. 
  • The Tulum shoulder season is from May to June and October to November. 
  • The wettest month in Tulum is September. 
  • Tulum Winter months in Tulum: November to March 
  • Tulum Dry season from December to March 
  • The month with the highest humidity of the year is August.

Events in Tulum in October

Turtle Festival

Sea turtles are among the most valuable marine animals found in Mexico. Sea turtles are not only saved through various hatching programmes; there are also numerous volunteer programmes as well as awareness-raising campaigns to protect them.

The Festival de la Tortuga Marina is among the largest festivals of its kind in Tulum. The three-day event includes releasing baby sea turtles into the sea and raising awareness about the importance of sea turtles.


While Halloween isn’t a formal Mexican holiday, it’s still celebrated just like one. It’s not a huge celebration in Tulum. However, you can find plenty of events on the final date of October in Tulum. The parties might be tiny, but they’re private and fun.

Pros of Visiting Tulum in October

In October, the month makes up a portion of the low season in Tulum. It is time to find the cheapest hotel prices, great savings on flights, and virtually no crowds wherever you travel.

This means that if you’re looking for peace and relaxation on your holiday but are also in a tight financial situation, The month of October is the perfect time to do it.

The weather in Tulum is hot and humid in October, but it’s still pleasant enough for the perfect beach holiday without spending a fortune.

The rain showers last a few minutes, but they tend to occur early in the month. That means that you will be able to spend your time at the beach with fewer people in the area and plenty of cool air.

October is the month that ends sea turtle nesting time for adults in Mexico; however, you still have an opportunity to witness the baby sea turtles hatch and make their first steps into the water! You can also volunteer to release them for an unforgettable experience.

Cons of Visiting Tulum in October

October is the second wettest month of the year in Tulum. This means that you can count on rainy days during your stay. This can cause hurricanes or tropical storms.

Whale shark season comes to an end in the month before in Tulum, and you won’t see the gentle giants going to Tulum in October.

October follows two of the hottest seasons in Tulum, so it is still humid, although it’s been on the decline in the last few months. The humid weather will be hot and humid, particularly during daytime excursions.

Things to Do in Tulum in October

Explore the ruin

The scorching temperatures might not be ideal for a trip to Chichen Itza, but you are still able to explore the nearby ruin. The cliffs are perched upon them, with a backdrop of the ocean. The Maya ruins in Tulum are breathtaking.

The well-preserved ruins give an insight into the past civilisation that once lived there. Even though it’s hot and humid, the month of May is still a great time to go to these Mayan ruins sites due to the fact that there are fewer crowds.

Relax in the mysterious cenotes

The cooler temperatures of October are the perfect opportunity to indulge in some refreshing water-based activities, and a cenote is certainly one of the top locations to go!

You can dip in one of the numerous natural cenotes of freshwater that dot the landscape. These cool swimming pools are ideal for cooling off after a scorching day.

My top choices of the Cenotes close to Tulum are Cenote Corazon and Laguna Kaan Luum. However, further north, towards Playa Akumal, you will find Caleta Yal Ku and Casa Cenote.

Alternatively, you could relax on one of Tulum’s famed beaches for a while.

With clear, turquoise waters, soft white sands, a wide variety of marine life, and an array of water activities, it’s not surprising that these beaches are a beach-goer’s paradise.

The cool breeze is refreshing after a long day.

Explore the cuisine and nightlife

Tulum Pueblo Tulum Pueblo is brimming with numerous fantastic cafes and restaurants where you can savour delicious food.

It is also where you’ll get the best of Tulum’s nightlife. There are numerous bars in “the Pueblo”. The food and nightlife here are excellent options to add some spice to your travels in October.

Tips For Visiting Tulum in October

The most rainy times in Tulum are between September and October. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for rainy weather. But rain shouldn’t ever stop visitors from enjoying the many things Tulum offers. There are many things to keep you entertained, even on a rainy day.

Here are some helpful tips to help you plan your trip to Tulum during October.

Take an umbrella or poncho so that you stay dry.

Be sure to check the weather forecast before you leave and prepare accordingly.

Make sure you have sunglasses and sunscreen.

Plan your activities around the rain. There’s no reason to let a bit of rain ruin your trip.

Be open to rain; it’s one of the main reasons Tulum can be so beautiful and lush.

Drink plenty of fluids, particularly when you’re out in the open.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Tulum worth visiting?

It’s true—Tulum is worth visiting! This stunning beach getaway is ideal for romantic getaways or a family holiday.

The weather is pleasant, and the beaches are stunning. There’s plenty that will keep everyone entertained, from sunbathing and swimming to exploring the old remains.

Also, the food is fantastic! No matter if you’re seeking relaxation or a thrilling adventure, Tulum is a must for all.

What is the most ideal time of the year to go to Tulum?

Tulum is a paradise worth visiting at any time of the year; however, there are certain advantages and disadvantages to every month.

However, the ideal time to visit depends on what you’re searching for. Many people seek the most favourable conditions to spend the winter months. So let’s begin with this.

The winter months can be regarded as the best months to enjoy great weather. The best time to travel to Tulum to enjoy the best weather is during the peak season (late December to April), particularly between mid-January and early April, in the months when the temperatures are warm and dry.

It is the time of year when plenty of sunny days and mild weather make Tulum the ideal winter getaway.

But remember that peak seasons are when most tourists come to Tulum. There will be a lot of people and more expensive costs.

The summer months, as well as the rainy season, are considered to have the most affordable rates. The Hurricane Season is from June to November; therefore, travellers should avoid travelling during this period, which results in fewer people and a huge discount on hotel rooms.

This is when you are able to go to Tulum without spending a lot of money and have a relaxing holiday.

Its town, Tulum, is a hub for many tourists in the winter months. The low-season months aren’t the best for conditions, so if you’re trying to avoid crowds and enjoy the nice weather, schedule your trip in the middle of the season (April–May or November–early December).

Is it a good time in October to go to Tulum?

It is the perfect time to explore the stunning Mayan city on the Riviera called Tulum. The daytime highs remain in the mid-80s, with the evening temperatures only falling to the upper 60s.

Expect about 12 hours of sunlight daily, with just one or two cloudy days.

The water temperature is extremely pleasant in October, with an average of 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

Final Thoughts on Travelling to Tulum in October:

Tulum generally enjoys the warmest weather all year, but there are some variances throughout the year.

The summer months increase the temperatures, which is also when the storm season begins, and you’ll experience more rainy days in that period.

The weather for October in Tulum isn’t so bad, with the average temperature reaching 85 degrees Fahrenheit and the average minimum temperature of 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

A typical relative humidity drops from 99% to 89% throughout the course of a month.

Overall, it’s the perfect time to travel to Tulum and take advantage of its numerous activities and attractions. If you’re budget-conscious or looking to avoid crowds, keep an eye on your weather predictions!

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Travelling to Tulum in October: Know Weather, Events, and Things to Do
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