Nude Beaches in Costa Rica: Ultimate Guide

Beaches in Costa Rica

If you’re planning to spend your time in Costa Rica and this beautiful holiday destination, you’ll be looking to visit some of the beaches that are in the region. Some might even choose to be more adventurous and bigger than usual and would like to take a trip to one of the nude beaches located in the region. Does this state something that appeals to you?

For those who are beach lovers, you have the right and obligation to be naked on specified Costa Rica beaches. The practice isn’t generally allowed outside major hotels and resorts, mainly in tourist areas. However, if you’re located in a tourist zone, the people are generally open, and going naked at sea is more commonplace.

Costa Rica Nude Beaches

If you are visiting a beach in a smaller town, being naked on the beach is common and rarely triggers a reaction. However, you might feel more comfortable naked on a beach because other individuals also believe that wearing clothes isn’t necessary. To aid you in finding those places, we’d be happy to inform you of several beaches. Though they aren’t completely unisex, they do have areas where people can shed their clothing while enjoying the sun and the company of like-minded souls.

1) Manuel Antonio Beach

From our top suggested options, we thought it was important to make mention of Manuel Antonio Beach first because it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations. It’s one of the most conservative spots to sunbathe and play, but you won’t see people strolling along the beach naked in every sand area.

However, when you go to the public areas and continue to walk north, you’ll find a small section of the beach where lots of individuals are swimming naked. Although it’s not the norm, you can also spot certain beachgoers who are naked on occasion. And nobody’s going to slap you for it. If you’re confused, you can ask the locals about Playa de Playos, and they’ll guide you to the right place.

2) Montezuma Beach

Montezuma Beach is a wonderful alternative if you’re an aspiring bohemian who enjoys living an unorthodox lifestyle. The best aspect of this beach is that it’s a great place to visit. It’s affordable and has a wide range of individuals who are liberal, such as street musicians, Gipsies surfers, backpackers, and many other tourists along with the locals.

The food available in this area is fantastic, the hiking is fantastic, and a portion of the beach referred to by the name of Playa Grande is quite secluded. However, this thriving section of the beach has plenty of bonfires, a lot of amazing art, a lot of surfers, and more importantly, in this particular piece, the sheer number of naked people frolicking at the shore! We suggest checking out this spot, as it’s an excellent option. Aside from that, the locals call it “Montefuma,” because there is no shortage of Costa Rican marijuana here!

3) Hotel Villa Roca

Hotel Villa Roca is a gay-owned resort catering to the gay, lesbian, and transgender communities. It is located in Quepos, the capital city. Quepos has an expansive view of the Pacific Ocean with grand rainforest views. While it’s not a resort with a dress code at night, after 10 o’clock, the resort is open. Quepos, located on the way towards Manuel Antonio, is a famous gay/lesbian hotspot and tourist firehouse. The resort is not only located in the most stunning region in Costa Rica, but the owners are also very proud of their surroundings and run all their hot tubs using solar energy. Relax and enjoy nature, and get rid of your clothes after 10!

4) Club Mi Amor

There’s also a wonderful tiny place known as Club Mi Amor. It is a nudist/clothing-optional resort and the only of its type seen in Costa Rica. Club Mi Amor is easy to find within San Jose, the capital city, and the coastline, located about 40 miles from Juan Santa Maria Airport, making it convenient for both tourists and travellers. There are rooms with luxurious pools, stunning views of the beautiful Central American landscape, and a stunning waterfall to admire during those scorching, dress-code-free evenings. Mi Amor Club Mi Amor takes up about sixty thousand square metres and has twenty high-end suites that are both garden-side and poolside with colour television, central air conditioning, and wash facilities for private use.

Final Thoughts

Although the beaches of Costa Rica aren’t completely nude, there are some sections in which they’re more appropriate than others. Be aware of the options listed above, and make sure to visit the areas we have highlighted so that you’ll feel at ease walking on the beach in complete nudeness and not be concerned about offending anyone.

Nude Beaches in Costa Rica: Ultimate Guide
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