From Surfing to Sunbathing: 9 Best Nude Beaches in Hawaii

Nude Beaches in Hawaii

What’s better than breathtaking Hawaii? The best beaches for nude lovers in Hawaii, where you can indulge in the bliss of skinny-dipping on the beautiful white beaches of Hawaii’s state, Aloha. It is one of the most interesting places in the USA.

This paradise in the middle of the Pacific does not require any introduction in terms of magnificent islands, stunning beaches, and idyllic holiday locations. With plenty of wildlife and marine life, amazing food options, and numerous magical islands with sand beaches, There is plenty of leisure time at the top beach in Hawaii.

If you’re looking to relax in the sun and bare on the idyllic islands of Hawaii, you must be aware of where to go since the state is cautious when it comes to bareness.

Be assured. You’re in the right place, as we provide the most pristine beaches in Hawaii. It is important to soak up the sparkling sun without getting in trouble or drawing unwanted attention.

Is there an official nude beach in Hawaii?

 Legally, nakedness is not permitted on all beaches in Hawaii. Because the laws aren’t strictly enforced, there are plenty of locations to relax naked within Hawaii, the Aloha State.

There are numerous beaches where individuals are willing to disregard this rule, and consequently, nudists can be seen enjoying a dip or sunbathing on the beaches of Hawaii.

The locals are hospitable, so when you’re polite, behave well, and are respectful of them, It is crucial to observe the rules of beach etiquette when you are naked, no matter if the law permits it or not.

Is NUDITY legal in Hawaii?

Even though total nakedness is forbidden in Hawaii, sunbathing without a top on the beach is allowed under Hawaiian law since there are no laws or regulations in the state that restrict women from wearing tops.

If you decide to go nude on overly crowded or commercial beaches, you’ll likely attract the attention of people, making you and others uncomfortable. Therefore, be cautious about what and when you’d like to wear a t-shirt on the sands of Hawaii beaches.

If you’re looking to achieve full-body Hawaiian tanning, it’s ideal to go for the more remote beaches, specifically those that are not state park beaches, so you’re less likely to see park rangers, police officers, or even beachgoers who might alarm you.

Be aware that the law prohibits drinking alcohol on beaches; however, it’s perfectly acceptable to drink alcohol at sea, sailing, or cruising.

Things to keep in mind while visiting the Nude Beaches in Hawaii

If you’re interested in nudist culture and thinking about doing it, there are a few guidelines you need to know about. This basic code of conduct will help you avoid creating a feeling of discomfort for yourself or others.

  • Before you take off your clothes, ensure you have access to the available clothing sections. Ensure you keep your clothes in the parking area, restrooms, common areas, paths, and hiking trails. Only naked people are allowed in areas that are marked close to the beach.
  • Respect other travellers and nudists. There are likely to be other tourists at the beach while you stroll. Don’t be astonished, snarky, or point out strangers. There is no judgement at naked beaches.
  • Let yourself be free and uninhibited. But don’t take this as an opportunity to meet dates or talk to people. Naturists strip off their clothes in a fun and playful manner, and there’s nothing sexually explicit about it.
  • Do not engage in sexually explicit activities or other sexually intimate actions on naked beaches.
  • Don’t take photos and videos with naked people, regardless of whether you see signs or not, since it is normal to respect privacy for everyone. Don’t fly your drone too near beachgoers, whether naked or not.
  • If you’re a novice or aren’t comfortable naked, take a few things to carry around, such as a book, listening to music, or the sun, which keeps you entertained and helps you feel more comfortable, which gives you a chance to blend in.
  • Be sure to keep a safe distance. Since all the naked people are there, keeping a small distance from others on the beach is a good idea.
  • Take a towel to use. You’ll need to lie on the sand and use it after showering.
  • Apply sunscreen. Despite the weather, wearing a bare T-shirt for a long time isn’t healthy for your skin. Therefore, apply enough sunscreen.
  • Respect the customs and culture of your country. Sometimes, some individuals are shy or barely dressed. Be considerate and avoid doing anything that could make the situation difficult.

The Best Nude Beaches in Hawaii

1) Beach 67

If you want to become naked in Hawaii, visit Beach 67 at Waialea Bay. While the beach isn’t big and not a regulated nude beach, sunbathers are showcasing their tan lines.

Beautiful trees surround Beach 67, which is regarded as among Hawaii’s top stunning nude beaches. The adjacent Beach 69 is a typical beach where being naked is not allowed. Be sure to get on the correct beach before revealing your bums.

Beach 67 is accessible in two different ways. You have to take just a few steps through the parking lot before you can reach the beach. You are able to swim at the nearby Beach 69, but only with proper swimwear.

2) Donkey Beach, Kauai

One of Hawaii’s nude beaches includes Donkey Beach, located in Kauai. The beach isn’t accessible from the main road because it’s hidden behind sugar cane fields.

You have to take the path through these fields of cane to get to the beach. The path is on private land, and the current owners have enlisted security guards to watch over naked sunbathers. Therefore, make sure that you arrive at an uninvolved location before you drop off your attire.

Monk seals are often seen lying around on the shoreline. The sea is rough at this beach, and there aren’t lifeguards. Therefore, we don’t recommend swimming there.

Take a break in a tranquil area and admire the view of crashing waves that roar in the shades of green and blue that pierce the shoreline. The beach also offers bathrooms, showers, and a beautiful pavilion overlooking the ocean.

The beach access is by foot only, even though the beach isn’t accessible. You will be able to recognise the correct entry point when you spot mile 11. This is located on Highway 56.

3) Makalawena Beach

While it is not an official dress-code-optional beach, Makalawena Beach is on the list of Hawaii’s top naked beach destinations.

Because the beach is quiet, It is among Hawaii’s most popular spots for lovers of naturism. Take a stroll along the South Shoreline to meet fellow nudists.

To reach this beach, you must take the 2.5-mile Makalawena Trail Head that traverses prickly lava rocks. Additionally, 4×4 vehicles are also allowed at the beach. Suitable beach shoes are suggested.

4) The Kehena Beach, Big Island

Because Big Island is much less crowded than Oahu and Oahu, there are plenty of chances to relax naked in Hawaii.

The beach is just a short drive from Kalapana town in the Puna District of Hilo. Kehena Beach is located between lush vegetation and ridges of rugged rock located on the southeastern tip of the Hawaii Big Island.

It extends for less than a mile. Kehena Beach is known for its black volcanic sand beaches. It is among the top naked beaches in Hawaii.

Although the beach isn’t huge, it’s nothing less than a miniature paradise, with turquoise water and a landscape of palms. Kehena Beach can also be referred to as Dolphin Beach due to the frequent dolphin sightings in the vicinity.

Wear your wedding dress and take in the breathtaking ocean views as well as the views of sea villas set close to one another. The risk of swimming is high, as the tides can be very high.

Enjoy Hawaiian music and traditional celebrations on Sundays. The beach is usually packed during this period. Be sure to wear suitable water shoes, as you’ll need to walk through the lava rocks in order to arrive at this beach.

5) Honokau Harbour Beach, Kalao: 

Honokohau Harbour Beach is one of Hawaii’s stunning nude beaches renowned among gay beach lovers. It is located in the Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park on the Kona coast.

Take a trip north to unwind on the golden sand. The gay community is also frequenting this section on the shoreline. The beach is usually packed, and you could be shy if you’re new to nudists.

However, the people here are very friendly. Therefore, try to feel at ease with your appearance.

There are rangers dotted about, but Honokohau Harbour Beach is one of the most popular beaches for nude lovers. It is also a place for water sports of all kinds.

To get to the beach, you’ll need to take Highway 19 and traverse along the route until you come to the signs for the beach.

6) Kaihalulu Beach (Red Sand Beach)

One of Hawaii’s most difficult-to-access nude beaches is Kaihalulu Beach, also known as the Red Sand Beach, located in Hana.

The beach is magnificently created inside a cove, and looking at the many shades of sand is a visual pleasure. rocks and water that are a perfect match.

 There is the school, and you walk on an area of lawn until you reach the path that is not paved before you walk down to the beach by means of a rope near the path. Usually, the area becomes more difficult when it rains heavily.

Once you arrive, it is possible to adjust to the mood because the beach generally follows the “majority rules” law. Get rid of your clothes in case you see a lot of nudists, or wear a swimming suit if you spot more sunbathers dressed in clothes.

There isn’t a designated parking space. Parking is available near Hana Community Centre. Hana Community Centre and stroll through the path that is not paved through private property.

7) Secret Beach (Kauapea Beach), Kauai

If you’re searching for unadulterated beaches in Hawaii, look no further than Kauapea Beach on the North Shore of Kauai, between Kalihiwai Bay and Kilauea Point.

The beach is referred to as Secret Beach by the locals. Access to the beach is not easy, and getting to this beach can be like completing a puzzle that requires you to go through numerous dirt roads as well as unpaved trails.

If you do make it to the beach, you’ll be welcomed with the finest golden sand, turquoise water, and shores lined with lush forests and craggy rocks. It is difficult to find anyone at this location; however, there are bound to be naked people.

It is a fact that the tides on Kauapea Beach are rough to swim in, and it is not advised. You should visit the waterfall located a few miles on the inland side of the beach if you’re looking for a more thrilling experience.

8) Kealakekua Bay

Kealakekua Bay, located on the Kona Coast, 12 miles south of Kailua Village, is a nude beach that isn’t officially recognised in Hawaii.

The bay is quiet, so you can take off your clothes and relax in the breathtaking ocean views. Kealakekua Bay is also known for its corals and beautiful marine life, making it a favourite for snorkelling, kayaking, scuba diving, and other water sports.

9) Steam Vents Beach, Pahoa

One of Hawaii’s beautiful, unadulterated beaches is Steam Vents Beach, located close to Hilo and the National Park visitor centre.

The beach area is on private property. But the owners are extremely friendly and permit you to use the beach to be naked.

There are some steam vents within the car park. You can walk from the parking area to Wahinekapu or Steaming Bluff. From here, you will be able to enjoy breathtaking perspectives of the Kilauea caldera.

Swim or relax on this beach and relish breathtaking views of natural cave formations. The beach is accessible by Highway 130 via Mile 15.

From Surfing to Sunbathing: 9 Best Nude Beaches in Hawaii

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