Nude Beaches in Oahu: Discover the Hidden Paradise

Nude Beaches in Oahu

Do you want to rid yourself of those tan lines? Do you prefer bathing in your own birthday dress? Oahu is the place for you, even though there aren’t any official nude beaches on the island. Follow local customs and laws, and you’ll likely not face any trouble. Hawaii offers plenty of sunbathing opportunities, hotels, and other events for nudists. But on the crowded Oahu, there are restrictions.


The answer to the question of whether naturism on Hawaii’s beaches is a crime at all is, unfortunately, a bit complex. It’s also based on the definition you use of naturism.

Sunbathing Without A Top is Never illegal

Sunbathing without a top is permitted under Hawaiian law since there are no laws or regulations in the state that restrict women from sunbathing in the sun side up. Although there are laws against sexually obscene or inappropriate exposure, they do not apply to the practice of being topless at an open beach.

On the majority of beaches, it’s rare to see topless sunbathers. If you opt to be topless at a beach that is crowded, Be aware of drawing interest from other holidaymakers.

A complete ban on nakedness is enforced on state beaches.

Hawaii is a state in the United States. Hawaii is governed by an obscenity policy that prohibits sunbathers on state beaches. However, this has not prevented visitors or locals from removing those ugly tan lines since many private beaches allow nudists to enjoy a relaxing sunbathing experience. Even on public beaches and on Oahu (the island with the highest police presence), the laws aren’t enforced as often.

However, Oahu is pretty crowded, and you are likely to miss a private beach to yourself. This means that Oahu is more unsuitable for the naturist as compared to Maui and Big Island.

How Do I Manage Nude Beaches in Hawaii?

If this is the first time you’ve sunbathed as a naked man in public, please read the guidelines below to avoid making yourself and others uncomfortable.

  • The beaches located in Hawaii (especially Oahu) are typically crowded, so it is important to respect the privacy of others. Naturists tend to be at ease with their bodies and close to their friends; however, not everyone is. Allow people to have space.
  • No matter what you’re wearing, Don’t fly your drone too close to people on the beach.
  • Respect the customs and culture of your country. Be considerate of the modesty of your fellow citizens and refrain from doing things that could cause someone to feel uncomfortable.
  • Be a good sport. Avoid staring at or pointing at other people

Top Nude Beaches in Oahu

In the past, no designated public naturist beaches or naturist spots were located on any of the Hawaiian islands. On Oahu, however, the beaches are well-liked by nudists who seek more than just being naked. Generally, the further away you are from Honolulu, the more likely you will meet the naturists.

1) Polo Beach

Polo Beach, located on the North Shore, is a popular destination among both tourists and locals. It is known as an “optional clothing” beach. Although it’s not more secluded than other beaches in the list below, Polo Beach is ideal for enjoying some time in the sunshine, dressed in only what God gave you! The beach can be found in Molukeia, located west of Wailua and towards the Farrington Air Field.

2) Kahuku Beach

Kahuku Beach by the old Kahuku airstrip isn’t officially dress code-neutral, as is Polo Beach, but it is much less busy.

Kahuku Beach is the perfect location to relax and enjoy a tranquil day at the beach. This quiet spot is far from the bustle and noise of Waikiki, making it perfect for those seeking to escape the crowds. It is picturesque, with stunning blue seas and white, sandy beaches.

Visitors will find plenty of peace and quiet here and plenty to keep everybody entertained. Kahuku Beach is the perfect spot for nudists who want to relax, sunbathe, or enjoy stunning views. If you decide to swim here, do not dive and remain conscious of the waves because some of the savage limestone rocks at the bottom of the beach are not visible when you enter the beach.

3) Diamond Head Beach

Diamond Head Beach is a secluded area due to its cliffs and is not recognised as an official naturist beach. Some think it’s gay-only, but that hasn’t stopped female naturists from visiting it. The journey to get there takes some effort and parking options are extremely restricted. It’s also a fantastic beach to surf and swim; however, be aware of the dangers of breaking currents!

Visiting the shore as part of the Diamond Head Hike is also possible. The well-known Black Point Pool is also near Diamond Head but is not a place for naturists!

4) Mokule’ia Army Beach

This beach is a bit away from the main roads and is popular with local naturists; however, beach patrols are fairly common. It is not uncommon for them to be fine with those who swam with naturists but will request that they dress in formal attire and follow the rules.

5) Near Kahuku Point

If you’re staying at Turtle Bay Resort, you can find an appealing and peaceful swimming beach at the western end of Kahuku Point, located approximately one mile away. This isn’t an official naturist beach; other naturists, high-end sunbathers, and swimmers tend to be around.

6) Goat Island, also known as Mokuaia Islet Seabird Sanctuary

Because of its isolation, numerous nudists come to Goat Island to take advantage of its solitude and absence of security patrols.

Local Beach Groups in Hawaii for Naturists

We were unable to locate a beach group in Oahu. But numerous naturist beach groups organise retreats that are clothing-free in Hawaii. The most well-known groups are:

  1. Friends of Kehena Beach
  2. Friends from Little Beach
  3. Kona Sun Klub
  4. The Kauai Naturists

Nude Resorts and Accommodation Options on Oahu

There aren’t many dedicated accommodations on Oahu that specifically allow naturism. We have searched extensively and it appears that the only available option is located at the Paul Mitchell Villa situated at Lanikai Beach. This isn’t an option for the majority of tourists who are naturists.

Nude Beaches in Oahu: Discover the Hidden Paradise

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